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TETRA Innovation Group (TIG)
TETRA Innovation Group (TIG)
Technical Services

TETRA Innovation Group (TIG) specializes in providing custom, innovative solutions for oilfield customer challenges.

Our world-class experts ensure that you can focus on your core business when outsourcing your testing and development requirements to TETRA Innovation Group. IIG has international reach and employs the latest technology and methodologies-so that you get the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our expert staff is highlty trained, has in-depth knowledge of their fields and your business needs, and has experience in meeting both international and local regulations for a broad spectrum of industries.

Our global network of laboratories is among the best.  With decades of experience in scientific testing, skills, and our collective knowledge, we offer custom-tailored solutions designed to meet your particular requirements.  Our team will be able to advise what is best for you, whether you require full-time support or extra help during peak periods.

Companies across the globe are experiencing the benefits of our scientific capabilities. Every client, from multi-national companies to smaller organizations, receives the same level of commitment of providing solutions as efficiently and quickly as possible.

We are constantly looking beyond our customers'' expectations and regulators' requirements in order to deliver market-leading products and services.  Our focus on providing specialized solutions that improve quality, safety, and productivity helps our customers navigate in an increasingly regulated world.  For us, success is partnering with our customers in order to achieve their desired environmental, social, or economic business objectives.

We specialize in providing custom solutions to our clients' experimental needs.  Wherever you are in the world, you can rely on our international team to provide you with specialized solutions to make your business more efficient.  TIG employs Agile project methodology with iterative Sprints to develop, test, obtain customer feedback, and revise products and solutions.  The use of Sprints allows for product design to be adapted as needed and, ultimately, reduces overall development time. 

We offer a wid-range of laboratory and technical services across many business lines, particularly those in oil and gas services.  Designed with the benefit of TETRA Technologies' experience as the industry's foremost provider of a broad range of oil and gas services, we are able to address the industry's ever-changing challenges. 

TETRA offers a full range of completion and drill-in fluid support services including:


Product Development Story

Dean Fanguy
Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
Phone: +1.832.482.1377

Stacey Rezin
Eastern Hemisphere
Bus. Dev. Manager
Phone: +


Judy Guy-Caffey, Ph.D.
Manager, Technology Center 
Phone: 936.321.7303