Tetra Technologies, Inc.

TETRA's filtration, blending , and "green" treatment chemistry provides bacteria and scale-free water going downhole. Our custom-designed, patented blending manifold delivers consistent, homogeneous frac water and allows dispersion of additives ahead of the working tanks. TETRA’s BioRid® and TETRAClean™ treatment additives are fast acting, quick degrading, “green” biocides that kill bacteria as frac water moves through the tanks. Real-time adjustments ensure adequate treatment and their performance is validated. There are fewer compatibility concerns as with other frac additives. Complete pre- and post-job water analysis and a self-contained mobile lab and delivery system are available.
TETRA's dual pod sock filtration unit


TETRA's dual pod sock filtration unit is recommended for filtering brines, gels, chemicals, and produced water in completion, stimulation, and workover operations. The pods are designed for high rates and high volumes and are meant to keep rate with today’s current stimulations. Sock filtration is designed for use with fluids containing a high percent by volume of suspended solids.

  • Dual tandem, bumper-pulled trailers
  • Easily pulled and maneuvered in and out of location
  • Economically filters large fluid volumes at rates greater than 60 bpm/pod
  • Easily operated by location personnel
  • Generates very little disposable waste





Dean Fanguy
Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
Phone: 832.482.1377

Scott Richie
WM/CS Product Line Manager NA
Phone: 281.364.5368